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Mission, Vision, Values


A community engaged in health, wellness, healing and trusting collaborative relationships.


The LOFTH serves our community by promoting health, wellness and healing through collaborative care, where the team works together to support active participation of the patient toward his or her health, wellness and healing goals.


For Our Patients:

  1. Every resident of our community has access to a family doctor and team that he or she knows and trusts.
  2. The patient is the driver in his or her health care pathway.
  3. The LOFHT is conductive to building high trust relationships with patient and family.
  4. Our team ensures relational, management and informational continuity of care across the health care pathway of each patient’s lifespan.

For Our Community:

  1. The community is actively engaged in achieving optimal health outcomes.
  2. The LOFHT is responsive to community need.
  3. The LOFHT is involved in all health care sectors – acute care, community care and long-term care.

For Our Staff and Partners:

  1. The LOFTH staff and environment are highly regarded as critical to enabling health, wellness, healing and trusting relationships.
  2. Our Team is committed to education, training, continuous quality improvement and primary care clinical research.


We believe in being :

  • Inclusive;
  • Collaborative;
  • Honest and Trustworthy;
  • Compassionate and Supportive; and
  • Sensitive to Culture, Language and Disability.

We strive for Excellence

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